Sewa or Service of God- Value in SaintMat

go to link Sewa generally means service to others but it’s primarily done for being own purity and spiritual growth, this is done only to lower down and kill the ego which is main hindrance in the path spirituality.

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follow Every religion has taught the people to serve others with love and affection. Bhai Gurdas ji explains this in his writings as The hands & feet (the body) are cursed without service, all other activities (rituals) are fruitless. How to do Sewa ?

viagra generic Sewa or Service of God can be done in three ways:

librax similar drugs to viagra 1. Service through body : It is also called “Tan Ki Sewa”,according to santmat everybody should do service through their hands and body.In Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Bani it has been written that “Kirat Karo Te vand Chako”

top 200 drugs 2013 brand generic viagra 2. Service through Money Serving the poor and needy by money and by other means is called Service through Money.True service is only that which is offered by pure heart.

viagra pills from online drugstore sales 3. Service through Mind :Saints say that man jite jag jeet if a person can hold his mind then he has the power to hold this world , mind is our biggest enemy in attaing the surat shabad yog or worship of God. Service through mind can be done by sharing and spreading knowledge through the words among people.The service is only fruitful if it is offered without any fraud or pride.Service with ego and without humility is not acceptable. as written in Gurbani Satgur Ki sewa safal hai je ko kare chit layeit means that we need to service of guru or God with our mind toward god is well then only your service or sewa is successful.

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source url viagra drug manufacturer Service to the Master is measured on the scale of love, not in wordly terms.

generic clomid Once a satsangi lady told Maharaj Charan Singh Ji that as she had no income of her own, she always asked her husband to give her some money for offering in seva. “Will this sewa be of any benefit to me? Does it have any value?” Maharaj Charan Singh Ji replied, “Yes if both of you are happy in giving this seva”. Maharaj Charan Singh Ji further explained this by giving an example of a satsangi with one leg who used to come during the bhandaras. “He used to come from the hills of Himachal, and was very poor. Just to save money to give in seva, he used to walk from his village in the hills to Dera, with the help of his crutches, covering a distance of over 75 miles. “Once he was brought to me during ‘money seva’ by Mr Bolokani. He offered one rupee in seva. “How can you value this seva? Is it not worth much more than the hundreds and thousands that the rich give? “The value of seva is not in how much one offers, but in the feelings and love with which it is offered.”

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  1. Ravi

    Asal sewa kewal sant he kar sakte hain jinke man me kuch paane ki iksha nahi hoti nahi to hum duniyawi jeev agar thora sa bhi kuch karte hain to man ke andal desires ki ek lambi list taiyaar kar lete hain, satguru aur koi birla satguru ka puaara he ish raaste pe unmukt hoke chal sakta hai

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