The Retarding Effect of Anger- Krodh The dangerous result of indulging in anger is expressed forcefully in the Talmud-“Anger deprives a sage of his wisdom, and a prophet of his Vision”

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico a Firenze Anger makes us blind, erratic, impulsive and rash. There is no passion that shakes the clarity of our judgement and balance as much as anger. It is said that “anger is wind that blows out the lamp of the mind”

viagra generico online prezzo piu basso a Milano When caught in the midst of anger, we expose our true self. We tend to use anger to hide our insecurity and incompetence. It corrodes our mental state. Even though our pain and hurt are often what causes our anger, we are still responsible for its effects.

vardenafil originale miglior prezzo pagamento online A disciple said to his Master, “I have a terrible temper.”
The Master said, “Show me your temper.”
The disciple replied, “But I don’t have it right now.”
The Master Said, “Then bring it to me when you have it.”
The disciple replied, “I can’t do that. It just happens suddenly, and by the time I get it you, I will surely lose it.”

see Time is the key word here. Time heals and eases every emotion. Time lowers the intensity of an emotion and dissolves the temper. The moment we became aware of our anger, the emotion begins to dissipate and the intensity drops. Time changes the focus, the energy and the mood. From a negative feeling we can slowly move to a space of equanimity. Awareness makes us stop and think, it calms us, it forces us to see reason, so by the time we try to vent our temper on someone, it has begun to dissolve.

see url When we hurt or humiliate someone in anger, we have to deal with the negatively ourselves. The other person can walk away without letting our anger affect him. But we are the ones who must suffer the consequences.

follow First negativity grab hold of us, then we lose our temper, then we react, then we remain in a grouchy mood, then we are embarrased, then we want to hide and run away from people because of the embarrassment and, most important, it nags our conscience. It deprives us of sleep and makes us mentally uncomfortable. The wound festers within us; we can’t run away from it.

click We have to heal the wound, heal the anger by becoming aware of it- not by denying it. By watching our mind and being aware of our anger, we can slowly change it.

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