How to be spiritually energetic throughout life?

acquistare vardenafil pagamento online Sometime we feel very low at our life and looks like that our spiritual and physical vibration is running out. And we start seeking for some trip, long vacation and environmental changes but we forget that these vibrations just pump our self being for shorter span of time and they are not everlasting.

cialis generico que es spiritual-physical-vibration-level follow site Here comes the essence of meditation and self realization into play. Have you ever thought that what is our biggest achievement as human being? Allow me to quote excerpt from the famous book “The Book Of Mirdad”:

enter site “No hells or heavens has Mirdad to offer you, but Holy Understanding which lifts you far beyond the fire of any hell and the luxuriance of any heaven. Not with the hand , but with the heart must you receive the gif.
For that the heart must needs be disencumbered of every stray desire and will, save the desire and will to understand. No strangers are you to the Earth; nor is the Earth to you a stepmother.
But a very heart of your very heart are you, and a very backbone of her every backbone. Glad is she to bear you on her sturdy, broad and steady back. Why do you insist on bearing her upon your puny, fallen chestsand moan, and puff and gasp for breath in consequence?”

acquistare vardenafil Torino This is the ultimate goal as human but to lead a spiritual and successful life you need to establish balance between your eternal self-being and worldly affairs.

enter And inner peace is the reflection of your vibration around your self being.

proscar similar drugs to gabapentin These concepts are not only revealed by the Masters but also proven by quantum physicists that: ” Living creatures are not just this physical body and Our existence doesn’t end at the surface of our skin line but We also have tremendous vibrating field around us.” And to utilize those vibrations and to equip yourselves with highest level of peace and achievements you need to follow and schedule your life style.

how can i get accutane Below are some of the tips that can help you to keep yourself energetic throughout life and to accomplish eternal peace and success.

Tips #1: Wake Up early

clomid false positive drug test Do you know that waking up early and meditation is the key element behind Astral voyage practitioners. This was widely considered by experts who experience outer body experience (Astral Plane experience) that time between 3-6 AM has tremendous positive vibrations and any commitment between these interval has highest level of success rate. So waking up early and utilizing those time to work for your goal yields maximum results.

wake up early

Tips #2: Focus on your breath

You can alternatively call this Yoga. Pranayam and activities that involves constant breath-shifts results in aiding higher level of positive vibrations to body and mind. And start of day with Yoga catalyze your day with charisma which helps you to not only perform well in worldly affairs but also helps in spiritual advancements.

concentrate on breath

Tips #3: Act Energetic

You must have heard that life is transformed by the intensity of thoughts. The way you think changes the way you live.

So no matter it’s worldly affair or spiritual practice, you just have to recall your energy and charisma, and you will be good to go with your path and practices.

act energetic

Tips #4: Respect Yourself

Remember that you are not just a body but your soul is the reflection of God and you are as powerful as God. Most of the time we are not aware of this fact and we survive in duality, and inner meditation can only demystify the fact and reveal the differences.

respect yourself

Tips #5: Not personal

Note that in the passage of life’s journey nothing matters and no one is going to remember what you did and how someone interacted with your existence, so be cool and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason. Life is not only the duration in between the life and death but it’s an eternal journey which is far more vast than your imagination. So hear the voice of your soul and perform your duty.

Don't take things personally

Tips 6#: Company of Spirited People

Do you remember how at your childhood your parents taught you to choose the good friends and to be with the children with positive charisma?

You are made by your surroundings and with the vibration of your friends and enemies.

They don’t have to have the same temperament as you either.  Mix it up – introverts, extroverts, ambiverts.

So make an habit to spend sometime with the people of high positive vibration. Be the part of some mystic masters and follow their teachings and principles.

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  1. Rajesh narula

    Radha Sawami ji. ek naamdaan liye hue satsangi ki jab death ho jaati hai. to kya use dubbara janam nahi lena padta. agar dubara janam hota bhi hai to ho sakta hai ki use kisi aisi jagah janam lena pade jaha bhagwaan ki bhakti nahi hoti. fir wo kaise apne janam maran ke bandhno se mukat hoga. plez explain me.

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