Ego “Ahankar”-illusion caused by our ignorance

Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa explains the soaring power of ego in these words:

“The ego of a common man is easier to fade away, Than the ego of a sage, which is hard indeed to wear

The ego is like a empty glass that dips itself into the ocean and after filling itself to the brim cries

out:”This is mine”. But who are we? Dust you are and to dust shall you retun. If we can understand the depth of these words, we will realize that our swollen concern for ourselves, our arrogance and our self-importance, constitute the worst threat in life.
Take the example of kings, prime ministers,VVIPs their arrogance makes them believe that are people are saluting them rather than their position.

Receiving adoration should be a humbling experience, instead it makes these so called rulers dizzy with power and their ego soars.

The positions these people hold may remain, but the people themselves constantly change.

Here is an example from the life of Napoleon Bonaparte:

Napoleon was defeated at war and taken to the island of Saint Helena. One evening while going for a walk, an old lady was passing by from the opposite direction with a load of grass on her back. She was told to step aside because the mighty Bonaparte was passing by. Not aware of who he was, she demanded,”let him step aside, can’t he see I am an old woman carrying such a big load?” Napoleon moved aside to ler pass and said to the guard accompanying him, “The time when mountain used to give way to Napoleon is gone; the soap bubble is no longer there. Now I have to give way to woman carrying grass.”

He was now a nonentity. His ego had taken a beating . The might Napolean has fallen!

Even a fool can became a hero sometime or another. Great occasion can rouse even the lowest human being to some kind of greatness. Our ego is fed by the mind, it is a illusion caused by our ignorance, like the glow worm who after dusk thinks he is giving light to the world. But when the start begins to twinkle, the light of glow worm is humbled.

Only if our mind is empty of self will it be able to receive. In the empty mind there are many possibilities, in the egoistic mind there are few. We will be happiest when our ego has been reduced to zero.

Swami Parmanand has said, “It is the ego that is the great bar to spiritual progress. If you want ego, then you can’t have God . If you want God, then you must be crowded with humility ”




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