Saints All Time

Saint Sarmad

enter Sarmad is known to most present-day Indians as a Muslim saint, or Master of the highest order. This seems to partly true due to the fact that in giving out his spiritual teaching he quoted the saying of many Muslim Saint. It is possible that he he nominally accepted Islam; but he didn’t teach Islam. But he practiced the path that brings the disciple into direct contact with the Supreme Lord. As the author makes clear, Sarmad was for this reason executed as a heretic by Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor of India at that time. The execution tool place in Delhi in the year 1659 or 1660 A.D.

Saint Akho Akho or Akha was a great Saint from Gujarat. He was born in 1591 and died in 1656. Akho was a goldsmith from Gujarat. Akho was born in a Jetapur village near Ahmadabad. A spiritual impulse prompted him to renounce all possessions and go to Benaras now Varanasi where as a result of his search for higher knowledge, was got initiated from Swami Brahmanand.

cialis fast delivery usa Akho wrote several hundred six line poems on spirituality, philosophy and social themes.

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Guru Amar Das Amar Das was the great saint from Punjab; and he also the third successor in the line of Guru Nanak Dev and got the initiation from Guru Angad Dev at the age of 61. He is known to be the person who started the concept of Langar.

source url He was the great spiritual writer and his writings can be find in the Adi Granth.

go here Guru Amar Das Ji

Bulleh Shah Bulleh Shah is named as a great Sufi mystic and was born in 1680 and died in 1758. Bulleh Shah was born in high class Muslim family, Bulleh Shah was born grew up in Kasur, near Lahore. He incurred the wrath of his community when he become the disciple of the great mystic Saint Inayat Shah of Lahore, a simple gardener.

canadian female viagra Bulleh Shah’s poetry and songs of mystical love and longing are still very popular and recited and sing in Pakistan & India.

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Confucius was the great Saint & philosopher and survived between 551 B.C to 479 B.C. Confucius is the Latinized form of K’ung Fu-tze, meaning the philosopher or master K’ung. He was a native of Lu in what is now the Shantung province of China and is the most well-known Chinese philosopher.

He taught that one’s duty was to base all action on the five virtues of Kindness, uprightness, decorum, Wisdom & faithfulness and espoused the importance of teachings by example.

A collection of Confucius is known as Analects, was compiled by his disciples and has been read throughout China for centuries. Some of his sayings have been popularized throughout the Western World.


Dadu Dayal

Dadu Dayal was born in 1544 and died in 1603; he was born into a family of cotton carders in Ahmadabad in the State if Gujarat India. Dadu was only of 11 when he was initiated by Sri Bradhanand. At the age of nineteen following the commands of his Master, Dadu started teaching the practice of the Name in Jaipur and other parts of Rajasthan, constantly
challenging the orthodox views of the day. He came to be known as Dadu Dayal. Dadu the merciful, for his extremely compassionate nature. He wrote more than 5000 verses, hymns and aphorism in Hindi on spiritual and philosophical themes.

Dadu Dayal


Eknath was born in 1533 and died in 1599, he was from Paithan, Maharashtra. Eknath was the disciple of great Guru Janardhana Swami. He rendered great service to both spirituality and Marathi literature by editing the go to link Dnyaneshwari of Dnyaneshwar, which had become thoroughly corrupted during the three hundred years since its composition.

He wrote several narratives pieces and click Abhangs that gave wonderful expression to his mystical experiences. During his life he was persecuted by the Brahmins because he made no caste distinctions and ate in the company of low-caste people.

His commentary on the eleventh chapter of Bhagavata Purana has become a classic in Maharashtra.

Saint EkNath

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    Great Master also wrote that Chaitanya Mahaprabu was a perfect saint and Master of the highest order. Do you have any articles on him?

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    Radha Soami! Please send an email address I can send a wonderful pdf photo journal of Param Saint Sat Guru Charan Singh Ji Maharaj’s visit to California and Hawaii in 1970, it’s about 21MB’s in size of interested!

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