Sovereignty through Surrender

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levitra originale Bologna Do you want to drink the cup of love?

here Then surrender your head to the Master as the fee. The greedy are incapable of paying the price- How then, pray, can they purchase true love?

siti sicuri per comprare vardenafil generico garanzia ~Kabir all i have is yours-surrender Complete surrender to the will of the Master is the ultimate test of real discipleship. One who doesnot so surrender himself is not a disciple but a rebel, not a soldier but a mutineer.
follow url Story of a BusinessMan and A Sadhu

see url Kabir once related that a businessman asked a sadhu to show him example of true surrender. The holyman said he would do so if he accompanied him to on a Tour to Banaras.

Clomid package insert When after a long time the two finally reached Banaras, the money that the business man had taken with him was exhausted, so the sadhu took him to a grocer to get a loan. The grocer son has died on that very day, and a number of people had gathered for the funeral, but he continued looking after his business as if nothing had happened. The business man was surprised at what he thought twas the grocer’s hard-heartedness and asked him about it.

“This is not hard-heartedness “, replied the man. “There was not reason for me to be happy when my son was born and there is no reason to be sad now that he is dead.

If my mourning could bring him back to life or at least give him happiness, there would be some meaning in it, but what purpose is served by use mourning? Why not carry out duties as ordained by God, remaining indifferent to both happiness and sorrow.”

For those who seek to pursue the higher path, such a stoic attitude is essential- Kabir Teaching.

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