Kabir On Word

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=cialis-generico-sicuro Kabir Says:
“Word, word, word” say all
But the Tongue can never utter that Word.
It resounds without body, shape or substance.
Yet within the body
It is heard- It is realized-
When the Master in his Mercy reveals it.

source kabir-word is God


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comprare levitra contrassegno online Between the Word and a word
There is a vast difference.
One is a storehouse of anguish.
One cuts asunder all the shackles
Of earthly passion and attachments,
The other tightens the noose around your neck.

quanto costa viagra generico 100 mg online Between the Word and a word
There is a vast difference.
One cures all the ills of the passions
And bring to souls the freedom of salvation.
The other strikes hammer-blows of suffering
In this World as well as the next.

see url Many try to know by thinking and pondering
The one word of the perfect Master.
Scholars and sages have exhausted themselves
Trying to comprehend it-
Even the scriptures have failed to illumine its truth.
The unfathomable grandeur of the Word.
Is known by none save the perfect Master.

clomid drug information O learned Friends, know that only from the Satguru
Can you obtain the true Word.
That word is the real essence-
All else is useless.

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