Sant Kabir happiness by Meditation

comprare viagra generico 50 mg a Venezia Saint Kabir Das Says the mind will achieve happiness only when it abandon desires:

go site Only when you stop harbouring desires
Will you enjoy floating on the ocean of bliss.
Just as an entire tree is concentrated in the seed.
So are all diseases centred in desire.
Therefore, be confirm on the subject if detachment
And burn up all desires.
Kabir Says: This is the way
To get release from the world.
Get hold of this essence and complete your task. free from desires

follow link Those who meditate Naam (five magical words) know what trick the mind plays, how wave after wave of thoughts come to destroy concentration. To begin with, the mind raises any number of excuses for not doing devotion as taught by a true Master or Satguru: After all what is the hurry about devotion? Why be up and awake when the whole world is still asleep? And did we not go late to bed last night? And is there not so much work to be done during the day? There is a whole life time before us.

here The kind of argument goes on for months and years until the old age arrives and then we are too feeble to do any meditation.

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