Kabir Das Teaching On Religion

click Once a Brahmin asked Sant Kabir’s daughter, who was drawing water from a well, to give him some water to drink, She quickly drew water and gave it to him. After drinking it, he began to suspect that the girl was a low caste Muslim and angrily asked her who she was. In reply, she suggested they go to her father for an explanation. When they told Kabir what had happened, Sant Kabir cooled the angry Brahmin and said:

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=dove-comprare-Viagra-generico-25-mg-a-Milano “O Pundit, think when you drink water!
With every step you take
You walk over buried bodies
Whose decayed flesh is dissolved in water
That is washed to the Rivers.
Fish, tortoises and alligators are born there
And propagate there-
The river water is thick with their blood.
And the milk you drink- Where does it comes from?
It is made from blood and bones
And yet you sit and drink that milk.
So how can you say that water is defiled
By the mere touch of a human being?
O Pundit, throw away all the Vedas and Shastras!
They are the creation of the mind- not of God.”

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