2014-15 Babaji Satsang at Beas

Babaji’s satsang program at Beas are changed and more likely to change frequently , the perfect confirmation of the dates can only be found at Radha Soami Satsang Centre Beas.

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source site 17-February-2014 Sunday Beas 9:30 AM
go to site 24-February-2014 Sunday Beas 9:30 AM
go to link 3-March-2014 Sunday Beas 9:30 AM
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22-September-2014 Sunday Beas 9:00 AM
29-September-2014 Sunday Beas 9:00 AM
20-October-2014 Sunday Beas 9:30 AM
27-October-2014 Sunday Beas 9:30 AM
3-November-2014 Sunday Beas 9:30 AM
8-December-2014 Sunday Beas 10:00 AM
15-December-2014 Sunday Beas 10:00 AM
22-December-2014 Sunday Beas 10:00 AM

Request everyone to get the satsang date confirmation directly from Dera Beas, before planning for Darshan.


5 thoughts on “2014-15 Babaji Satsang at Beas

  1. परमानन्द मोहनलाल गुप्त

    बाबा जी आपसे कह पाने का साहस नही फिर भी दयायाचना परवरदिदार शायद भ्राती हो सुनते हे हजूर 2015 बम्बई सतसंग की सेवा होगी बाबाजी आपके दिदार होगे साहेब दास दु:साहस की क्षमा चाहेगा हिन्दी मे आपसे दर्खावसत कबूल करे जी

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