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19 thoughts on “RSSB

  1. bikramjit singh

    Radha soami ji maa punjab police mae service ki hai ab dera beas pakki sewa mil sakdi ha kirpa karke meri help karo ji

  2. Malihe Alizadeh

    Radha Soami , I have a question . I live in Iran at the time , and I like to come to dera when
    Master Gurinder would be there . I have been a sat sangi since Nov of 1978 . What steps I need
    To take in order to get a form to fill out for coming there . Can you send me the form directly
    From Dera ? This makes it faster and easier for me , since I am in Iran . And when is the best time for me to come , so the master would be there most the time .This would be my first time .
    Thank you for your time , and consideration . Respectfully Malihe Alizadeh

    1. Raman Bedi

      Radha Soami Malihe Alizadeh,
      I am not sure if the reply is still important for you on this date, as I only discovered this website today.
      You may write a letter requesting for accommodation during your Dera visit. Mention details of your arrival and departure dates to and from Dera, duration of stay, also mention your complete name and age, your nationality (if other satsangis are accompanying you, mention their details as well). The address is:
      Accommodation Department
      Dera Baba Jaimal Singh
      Radha Soami Satsang Beas
      Disst. Amritsar,
      Punjab 143204

      They will reply and guide the process of how you should apply further and prepare for Dera visit (as I assume in your country there would be no Satsang centre that coordinates foreigner visits to Dera). So please write to accommodation department directly as mentioned above.
      Babaji Ji’s (Master Gurinder) Dera Satsang program is published on RSSB official website. Please see following link for dates of Baba Ji’s satsangs :

      End October and November is a pleasant time to visit climate wise. Last two weeks of December can be a bit cold.
      Amritsar city has the closest international airport to Dera ( It is one hour drive from airport to Dera by taxi). The next International Airport is Delhi ( the drive to Dera will be 9 hours). It is advisable to take a flight from your country Iran to Dubai and then connecting flight from Dubai to Amritsar. If you fly to Delhi then book a further connecting flight to Amritsar. From their you may take a taxi to Dera.

      You should send your request at least 5-6 month in advance. As many satsangis from all over the world visit during October to February months. So if you write now that will be good.

      Wishing you a wonderful visit.
      Radha Soami,
      Raman Bedi

      End of October and November are the best time to visit

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