babaji Gurinder Singh Ji Satsang






  1. lokesh kumar gupta says:

    kindly let me know the Baba ji tour program outside India.

    Lokesh Kumar Gupta

  2. lokesh kumar gupta says:

    tell me RSSB world program

  3. eshika says:

    how can i connect to sewa at rssb centre delhi and please guide me about naam daan

  4. sonal says:

    could i please get a schedule of babaji’s program in USA

  5. Pooja says:

    could u please let me know when and where is babaji’s programme in uk held?

  6. pawan says:

    where is next programe of babaji,s

  7. Vishnu says:

    Sorry Babaji this yaer i not come indor

  8. bikramjit singh says:

    Radha soami ji maa punjab police mae service ki hai ab dera beas pakki sewa mil sakdi ha kirpa karke meri help karo ji

  9. Rahul Sinha says:

    Radha Swami ji baba ji dere ki bahut yaad aati hai baba ji baba ji mujh ko bhi dere me bulalo radha swami ji

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