Why not Spiritual Living? Reason Behind Entire Sufferings

click “What is mind? & role does it plays in shaping our lives, our destiny & our Spiritual development?”

source site This is the most common questions raised by spiritual seekers.

come comprare levitra senza ricetta Mystic teachers and experts have explained that the soul and the mind are two separate entities.

acquistare levitra senza ricetta Sardegna Soul is the part of Universal Soul, to whom we generally call God.  And mind is the part universal mind, or the Kaal or the Negative energy.

source site god-entire-universe

see url All the casual, astral and material creations are the work of the universal mind and are rules by Kaal. Entire Universe, Sun, Moon and the starts are it’s creation. The mind has created wonderful heavens of happiness, beauty and splendour, but it has also created hell whose cruelty, torture and heartlessness could be but dimly described even by the pen of Dante-“Italian poet of late middle ages” more at Wikipedia.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-vardenafil-20-mg-online Reason behind entire sufferings & pains-

  • Human mind is microscopic fragment of the universal mind and is capable of all Wonders. All the miracle of modern science are the achievements of the mind, as well as the great work of literature, art, poetry, painting etc. And eventually it has also figured out how to use chemical¬† to spread death and destruction of magnitude unthinkable in earlier times. The mind has discovered miracle drugs which saves lives but also poisonous gases which can wipe out the populations.
  • The mind is ever restless and ever in search of the happiness that it can get only when it merges back in the universal mind. In search of happiness it has created many wonderful things, but it has also spread destruction in that search.
  • The mind may enjoy all these things to the point of satiation but it still finds that happiness eludes it and the price is very happy for the short lived happiness
  • How hard do we labour for the things of this world, working ceaselessly from morning to night, often taking no thoughts of injustice, cruelty , hardship, deception and fraud we practice in the process.
  • In the fulfillment of our ambitions and greed. We recognize no restraints, we acknowledge no moral laws. Alfred Marshal put it plainly when he said that our laws of economics are not ethical precepts “but a statement of tendencies unworthy of civilized human beings.”
  • Even God and religions have been mobilized to buttress our greed. Byron wrote that religion wars were waged by wealthy aristocrats “in the hope to merit heaven by making earth a hell.”
  • In our struggle for worldly gain we may lose our health, and there can be no happiness without health. We spend restless days and sleepless night, we get stress attacks, palpitations of the heart and high blood pressures.
  • And even after securing our goals, at the end of it all await the yawning jaws of death, before which we cower in terrors , too shaken to think of the accursed wealth we leave behind.everyone hurts

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