Rubaiyat of SARMAD

go site A heroic fight I gave to the tyrant mind;
In the ocean I am like a crocodile,
Desires and greed are cunning foxes;
But I am a leopard, in the forest of thoughts,
Ever watchful

see url Spiritual Journey Saint Sarmad

source The understanding of God’s grace has at
Last come to me.
I was like a scale that tried to weigh
good deeds against bad.
Then I discovered the Master’s Eyes
that shower grace are fond of sinners.
Only this and nothing else have I discovered in my life.

acquistare vardenafil senza ricetta Roma How long should I continue thinking for
my black records?
Why should I bother about my past, present and future?
All my problems are solved
When I take shelter in His grace and mercy

follow url O my Lord Give me the gift of patience
and contentment
For long have I been grieved by hankering
after worthless tinsel.
Sell not thy birthright for a mess of pottage.
Busy am I now, therefore, calculating the real profit and loss.