Radha Soami Latest New Photo

Baba Gurinder SinghJi’s new latest photo is now available at the RadhaSoami Satsang Centers. His latest photos are on very high demand, you may not get his new photos all the time as most of the time they are not available at the stock especially at RadhaSwami Centers across India.

You may also find his latest photographs on the Internet but it is strictly prohibited to upload, share like or engage any type of promotional activities on his photos on Internet.

Even if you find any photo of Babaji on Internet please discourage this and don’t encourage such activities.


  1. M.S . Mehta says:

    These days this has become a fashion to post/ upload things related to RSSB on the Net. All Satsangi Bhai/ Bibis should resist from such activities. We should never do any thing which annoys out SATGURU. Radhasoami ji.

  2. ashok says:

    Radha sowami ji

  3. aksh says:

    Radhasoamiji,,,i am unable to find any option to download shabads …..i am using nokia x2 01

  4. virendra kumar mehra says:

    mene ek patar Sectary Sahib ke naam Maharaj ji ke liye likha aur usme Naam vyas me lene ki icha jatai.Mera khat 10july ko aapko mil gya per abhi tak koi jawab nahi aaya.Kripa jawab de

  5. Harsh says:

    sorry i uploaded…. but from tomorrow i would never do anything like this….

  6. Sanjeev Goel says:


  7. vinod mirani. says:

    Charana. Kamal tere dhove dhove piva mere satgura dindayala. Radha soami.

  8. nisha says:

    Radhaswami ji
    jiske upper tu swami so dukh kaisa paye

    aap.hamesha.hum.sabke saath rehna

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