Maharaj Charan Singh Ji- A Ray Of Spirituality Radha Soami Maharaj Charan Singh Ji (1916–1990) was a great Sant Satguru from India. He became the fifth Satguru of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) in 1951 after the death of Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh.

dove comprare viagra generico pagamento online Maharaj Charan Singh ji was eldest son of Sardar Harbans Singh and Grand Son of Mahraj Sawan Singh. He was born on 12 December 1916 at Moga, Firozpur District. From the childhood itself he had great Love and Devotion for his Grand Father Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji.

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watch At the age of 5 he started living and his education at Dera under the complete supervision and love of Maharaj Sawan Singh. From the childhood itself his life was surrounded by spiritual environment and was initiated at his childhood and ordered to practice meditate everyday by his Grand Guru. After being to Dera he started his primary education from the school of Balsarai. His school was approx 1 mile from the Dera and after school he used to spent all his time with Maharaj Sawan Singh. He passed out his Matriculation from the Baba Bakaala High School in 1933. Alongwith a brilliant mind he was also a good sportsman and loved to play Hockey, Football and Tennis

dove comprare viagra generico 50 mg a Milano Maharaj Charan Singh Ji was the symbol of Love and Spirituality and he spread Surat Sabad Yoga throughout the World. He travelled across the globe to reach the seekers of Surat Sabad Yoga.

buying real levitra without prescription Maharaj-Charan-Singh-Ji-Abroad-Tour He started to visit Abroad after 1961 after the constant requests of many followers, who resided across the World.

cialis generico online europa 1. First Journey 1961 (To Far East)







here 2. Europe Journey 1962









see 3. Journey To Europe, Britain & America 1964 4. Journey To South Africa, Europe, Israel 1966

8 thoughts on “Maharaj Charan Singh Ji- A Ray Of Spirituality Radha Soami

  1. TaylorM

    The messages and teachings of Master Charan Singh is very adoroble and needs to be practiced with great deeds and dedications. The path that he laid down can only be understood after a serious commitment in Meditation. Love you my Lord…for being in our heart..

  2. RSSB

    Have gone through the “Legacy Of Love”; A red book of Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, that is awesome and shows how a legend MAharaj Charan Singh Ji was…..Radha Soami

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