Is God Divisible?

enter This body is the sea, the heart therein
The pearl containing shell; the priceless pearl
Is God himself; he who can dive down deep
And find that pearl-a hero true is he. If God resides in every human being, are there then millions of God?

go to link “No”, reply the Mystics.

see He is one and yet complete in every human being and creature.

has anyone used accutane before God is One-Undivisible

viagra generico pagamento online a Parma God is indivisible and boundless and man get him indivisibly and boundlessly. God is the giver and man is the beggar. The beggar goes on begging for everything in the World, and the giver goes on giving till man, completely disillusioned, asks for the giver himself and then he gives himself. That makes him bounty boundless because he himself is boundless.

side effects of fertility drugs clomid side The following conversation between click Mirdad and his disciple is most illuminating: (You may also love to check Mirdad’s God Is Your Captain)

propecia without a prescription acquistare viagra generico 25 mg a Venezia Mirdad: When with men I am God. When with God I am men. Have you found out, Micayon?

Micayon: You speak a blasphemy?

go to site Mirdad: Against Micayon’s God perhaps. Against the God of Mirdad, never.

Micayon: Are there as many God as Men that you speak of one for Micayon and another for Mirdad? Mirdad: God is not many. God is one. But many and diverse are yet men’s shadow. So long as Men casts shadow. The shadowless only are at light. The shadowless only known that God is one. For God is Light, and light alone is able to know Light.

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