How to get spiritually connected?

informazioni viagra generico 200 mg a Parma The perilous condition of the world today is caused at its root when we as human beings are disconnected from our true selves. With technology, the world has never been so connected. Externally, we have internet ,social media ,cellular phones, satellite & televisions yet today’s news is predominated by terrorism, oppression, abuse, social, conflict and warnings of environmental disasters.

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cialis viagra jokes new drug Each and every one of us can be the change we want to see in the world. If we use our free will with a higher connection to the problems that we face when it is seen through the perspective of universal wisdom. We understand to see every particular challenge in connection with a holistic larger perspective whatever we do, how will it affect ourselves, how will affect the local area, how it affect the world learning from the past, the present and the affect for the future.

cheap generic abilify 15mg This type of wisdom is really born of compassion. Perhaps, this is the greatest need in all of human society where there is compassion, there’s enough wealth, there’s enough skill and there’s enough education. To find the love that is within ourselves can really be a solution and the origin of that love from a spiritual perspective is to feel God’s love. Below are the ways in which one can connect to various aspects spiritually in his/her life and see the experience the same.

  • With Yourself – The best way to start developing spiritual connections with others is to start from yourself. You should start with meditation at first. You can meditate for hours. Meditation not only helps you to stay at peace but also helps you to increase your concentration thus increasing the quantum of work you do or the energy you inherit while doing a daily chore of yours.
  • You can also meditate in nature, practice yoga, read spiritual literature, listen to uplifting music and do many other things that help to raise our frequency. But if our intent is to control rather than to learn about loving ourselves and others, our frequency will not go high enough to access the love, wisdom and guidance that is always here for us.
  • With Nature – In indigenous cultures, the Earth is seen as our sacred birthplace, our holy temple, our sacred ground. It is no surprise that these traditional cultures create people who deeply appreciate the Earth and its bounty and as a result have a relationship to the body that is easy, unashamed and beautifully embodied. Archetypal Psychologists call this living Earth, the Anima Mundi, which means “soul of the world”.

cheap viagra without prescription The Earth has a living soul, the Anima Mundi, which is radiating with divine energy, dancing and dynamically alive. So when you go into the mountains, sit by the seashore or take a walk through a beautiful forest, feel the soul of the world pulsing with vibrant energy. Really connect with this vibrant energy field and feel this pulse in your own body. Thus nature helps us in getting a strong connection with ourselves and in turn increases our love for mother earth.

  • With Your Friends – The definition of “friendship” has taken some hits in recent years. After all, we live in a world where social media allows us to “friend” or “unfriend” someone with the click of our computer or smartphone. But that’s precisely why meeting someone in person and connecting with them heart-to-heart is equally important. These are the times that call for spiritual friendships, the kinds of bonds that reach to a place deep within our souls, far beyond shared interests, book clubs, and shopping dates. Spiritual friendship is not an invention of our modern times. In fact, we can trace it back into the Old Testament.

viagra information drug “A faithful friend is a sturdy shelter; he who finds one finds a treasure” We’re not talking about just any good friend here; we’re talking about a friend whose hunger for spiritual connection, whose journey toward God mirrors our own. Sacred Communication Nothing is more sacred than a letter or conversation in which one human being opens his or her heart to another.” spiritual friendship isn’t about a connection between two already-perfect friends. It’s often about two people slogging through life and serving as both anchor and buoy to each other, inching closer to “perfection” together.

  • With God – God never forces anyone to have a relationship with him; the choice is yours but if you are ready, We are ready to share the way that We believe is the only reliable road map to an eternal relationship with God. Here are the steps by which we are reconciled to God. We must be careful not to omit any for each is essential in the process of reconciliation. Having a relationship with God is not what some would think. It is not a matter of devoting yourself to some religious dogma. Nor is it by trying to be good so God will accept you. No it isn’t anything we can do of ourselves. God has provided all we need to have a relationship with him.

source site First, we must understand that we are separated from God. This is an inherited condition from birth. Therefore, the very first thing that we must acknowledge is the fact that we are lost and our sins have alienated from God and we need a redeemer, and only then can we come to the point of reconciliation with God. A personal relationship with the Lord happens when we repent of our sins (turn from our sins) and trust in God. This is how we become the children of God as they say “To all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”. Once you are able to connect spiritually with these important parts of our life, we can definitely move forward and make the changes do wonders for us. We hope you are now aware of how this can help you in your life.

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