Rubaiyat of SARMAD

Rubaiyat of SARMAD

follow link A heroic fight I gave to the tyrant mind; In the ocean I am like a crocodile, Desires and greed are cunning foxes; But I am a leopard, in the forest of thoughts, Ever watchful The understanding of God’s grace has at Last come to me. I was like a scale that tried to weigh good deeds against bad. Then I discovered the Master’s Eyes that shower grace are fond of sinners. Only this and nothing else have I discovered…

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Circumcise Your Heart-What is Egotism?

Circumcise Your Heart-What is Egotism? The truly high is ever low, The truly swift is ever slow; The highly sensitive is numb, The highly eloquent is dumb, The very great is very small And he has all who gives his all. ~Mirdad Egotism has worked more havoc in the world than perhaps any other human passion. Pride leads a person through untold miseries and hardship, and generates rivalry and hatred. Pride of family, dynasty or tribe has started bloodfeuds that have been carried on for…

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Ashtavakra & King Janak

Ashtavakra & King Janak King Janak was the ancient ruler of Mithila and he was in search of God, empowering by his though he once invited all wise men of learning to his kingdom to debate in his presence about the nature and attributes of God and how once could see him. All the learned men, theologian and philosophers gathered to indulge in ,long winded arguments for days together, each making an exhibition of his pride of learning, his insolence towards others, his intolerance…

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Is God Divisible?

Is God Divisible?

acquistare viagra generico 50 mg This body is the sea, the heart therein The pearl containing shell; the priceless pearl Is God himself; he who can dive down deep And find that pearl-a hero true is he. If God resides in every human being, are there then millions of God? “No”, reply the Mystics. He is one and yet complete in every human being and creature. God is indivisible and boundless and man get him indivisibly and boundlessly. God is the giver and man is…

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