Suffering- A World of fractions- Spiritual Life Impermanence or the life which exists for certain period of times has much more deeper meaning than it actually understood by the World.

follow link Suffering is mainly associated with any kind of pain, grief, trouble, distress or agony.

farmacia viagra generico 100 mg a Bologna But since it is corollary of impermanence, whatever is impermanent or subject to change is also included in sufferings.

source Nothing Is Permanent

finasteride drug card Suppose we are deeply associated with some one in the World; they may be our nearest family member like wife, son, brother, daughter, son or some special friend; almost every second and fractions of second they prevail in our thoughts. But we forget that no-one is going to leave in this impermanent World forever, and when any one leaves this world, never to meet us again, we undergo heart-rending sufferings and pains.

acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Venezia Failing to realize that no one here really belongs to anyone else and clinging to anyone or anything impermanent is nothing but suffering.

source site In the pursuit of happiness we keep running after what we like, but happiness always eludes us and we become more and more bound to this changing and sorrowful world.

viagra generico 25 mg italia pagamento online a Genova We must therefore seek inner light to free ourselves from this suffering. As Buddha Says:

comprare viagra 50 mg online generico a Roma How can there be laughter, how can there be jubilation

lasix causes ed While the world is always burning?

new drug like clomid twins Why do you not seek the light,

You who are shrouded in darkness


Only those who have seen the inner light and have experienced a higher happiness can be truly detached from the allurements of the World, realizing full well that attachment, greed, hatred and other Worldly passion are the sources of sufferings, and that true happiness lies only in transcending the World and attaining Nirvana.

Buddha-Reason Behind SufferingsAs Gautam Buddha Points Out:

There is no fire like attachment,

No defilement like hatred.

There is no suffering like the impermanent

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