BODHICHITTA – An Awakening Mind The ultimate goal in Buddhism is to escape the wheel of birth and death and attain enlightenment, which in Buddhism is explained as seeing things as they are. In Mahayana Buddhism this intention is paired with the altruistic motivation to enable all sentient beings to become enlightened as well. This two fold intention is called Bodhichitta or an awakening mind.

comprare levitra Torino Right motivation is motivation which is not linked to any impermanent  material or personal goal. If our motivation to walk the spiritual path is connected to a goal involving our limited selves, then that motivation will not last, since we are ourselves will not last.. Therefore it is necessary to connect with the eternal ultimate. And also know more about Buddha & Kabir.

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here In Words of My Perfect Teacher Patrul Rinpoche explains: Here again “entering the Dharma” simply doesnot mean asking for some teaching and being given it. The starting point of the path of liberation is the conviction that the whole of Samsara is meaningless and the genuine determination to be free from it.

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    get link As far as I can understand the Sant Mat philosophy, our real self, surat, IS the eternal ultimate. She (real self) WAS, IS and WILL BE always free. And she IS one with God.

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