Many Talk smoothly of the natural path
But only to few it is revealed.
Know that alone to be the natural path
That easily takes you straight to the Lord

natural path

Many Talk smoothly of the natural path
But only to few it is revealed.
Know that alone to be the natural path
That gives you conquest over all the passions.

The natural path, the easy way,
Succeeds in all that is needed.
It brought my mind and senses under strict control.
It merged me into the infinite One the one without Karma

And I was freed thereby from the hangman’s rope
Even in Worldly life, what you obtain
Unforced and with ease is like milk.
What begging brings you is like tasteless water,

And what you win through feuds & quarrels
Always reeks of blood, declares Kabir.
What you yourself plan is rarely accomplished.
Things unplanned – yet planned by the great planner
These are accomplished without fail
O Master, put an end to all my anxieties
And let my fate take its predestined course.

Karmic Law Mahabharata & Krishna

Saints tell us that we have been wandering for untold ages. We have been born in Vegetable kingdom, in the animal kingdom, as a bird of the air and fish of the water.
We have been born as human being as well, and have then gone to lower species in the hierarchy of creation. We have stored in our mind all the past experiences-every thought that have passed through our mind, every act we have performed and yet we know nothing of consequences of our thoughts and action that is Karmic Law.

In the great epic Mahabharata, a story is told about Dhrisrashtra, who was blind from his birth. Once he asked Lord Lrishna what greay sin he has committed that he should have been born blind.
Krishna asked him to sit in meditation and to look into his past lives. Dhrishrashtra told him that he has seen a hundred of his past lives and had found nothing that could make him deserve such punishment. Krishna then ask him to look back still further and he did so and found that the punishment had its origin in his 104th previous life.
As a child at that time while playing with a insect, he thrust a thorn in the eyes of the insect and blinded it. Dhrishrashtra had to pay for this by being born blind 104 lives later. That is the working of the law of karma.

Kabir and all other saints reveal that as a result of our past actions, our fate or pralabdh karma is decided and fixed even before the body is made.

Omar Khayyam advises:

The moving finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves On: nor all thy piety nor wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line
Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

Karma the law of life

Al-Futūḥāt al-Makkiyyah (“The Meccan Revelations”) Spirituality

Ibn al-ʿArabī, also called Al-Sheikh al-Akbar was born in July 28, 1165, Murcia, Valencia—died November 16, 1240, Damascus), his major works are the monumental Al-Futūḥāt al-Makkiyyah (“The Meccan Revelations”) and Fuṣūṣ al-ḥikam (1229; “The Bezels of Wisdom”).

Al-Futūḥāt al-Makkiyyah Spiritual Book

When you make sure that the material is determined and made ​​known through the illusion, Like nature in its impact natural resources and the time is non-existent. Matters determined to it, but it does not have the resources with which it was decided. intellect can not see the form for that reason, we say that time is an illusion.

If not because of the ‘no-contact’, the existence of God is not going to be determined by him. He rises in the heart. When you just with root-time time out before the decision is the beginning of time, and it is controlled. Such disconnected vacuum no end in another body through which illusion and transformation. [Kepertamaan The Haq and his Exist and kepertamaan universe and the existence of] Know, first, that God is the beginning and not the other lead him, and there is nothing to rely on his own kepertamaan also not something that has boundaries with him. He is the One – the most holy Him! in kepertamaan him. There is not anything there to be with himself but He.

He’s Rich His Essence, one does not need to. Allah said, “Allah is Rich from any requirement of anyone” (3:97) through logical proof and the Shariat. So there is this universe must either have their existence from God to self His nakedness additional matters not to him, for, if it is him, then no additional. If it is him, it will be a complex matter in itself and will be owned kepertamaan additional items. We have decreed that no kepertamaan to anything with Him and not also before him.

Due to the additional item that is not Himself, it must exist or not. It is impossible to be non-existent. That does not exist can not have the effect of bringing into existence in what is described as non-existent, the universe. So not from both, better have the effect of bringing into existence more than the other because both are non-existent. That does not exist has no effect because it does not exist. was impossible it becomes available. So in that it must either be present with him or not. Impossible that there happened to him, because the evidence was disclosed about the possible existence of two there is a need exists for them. So just live the rest of their existence by itself, and there is no meaning for the possibility of the universe but whose existence is by others daripadanyha. So it is natural or from nature. Assuming the existence of the universe is from Allah through a particular relationship, if not because of that relationship, the universe could not exist. Relationship is called the will or desire or knowledge or whatever you like from the existence of such a need that should be. So without doubt the Haq to do something by the relationship.

Requirement does not mean anything except this, and it is impossible for God. Allah says, “Allah is the Rich, does not require anyone” (3:97). event said what he meant by this relationship as His Essence, we say these things do not require a itself. He was rich himself. So the need is not petted. All for God is impossible. We deny additional item. That memestikan that the existence of the universe, as it exists than otherwise, coupled with a requirement of the existence of himself. It is not possible resources should be given to the impact of the presence of Dr Zahedi explained through Himself-to -kewujudan carriage.

This item can only be understood so. requirements, desires, knowledge and His power is His Essence. God rises or exceeded in His Essence. Indeed, he has an absolute unity, and He is the One, the Single, Allah, as-Samad “who have no children” who should be first “is not well conceived,” which is the result, “and there is nothing equal to Him” (112 : 3-4), then the existence of the universe by His is of two policies – from the Haq and equal. God beyond anything! So He Himself stated in His Book when the Prophet was asked about the nature of his Lord. Then Surah al-Ikhlas bebaskannya down and were joined by others from. God beyond a characterization and localization. He denied nothing in this chapter or isbatkan but pengisbatan or denial that is what most people say about God. [Relationship eternity with God seeprti relationship with the transient time] We have explained how we must desire Him – and He is gods, sacred to Him!

We will be explained further. Know eternity relationship with God is like our relationship with AMSA. Eternity is the negative relationship without resources. The non-existence of that fact. So the time that should belong to the illusion of the existence of the relationship, not to exist, as in the case of anything you can divide, you can ask “if” about it. When is the question of time, the matter must be illusory, non-existent. For this reason, God showed Himself when He said, “and God knows all things” (33:40) “O God, and all orders before and after” (30: 4). During the Sunnah of the word pen disahakan when he asked , “Where is our God before He created His creation?” If time is a thing that exists therein, Allah is beyond the limitation does not apply because the principles dominate his time. We certify that these forms do not have things under their existence. [Time: easily understood and proven] Then we say people have a different opinion about the phrase “time” and what is understood him and proved it. The wise use of things differently. Most of them say it is an illusion period intersected by the movement of the spheres. Mutakallimun use it to something else: comparison of time-to-time in on something that was asked “When?” The Arabs used to mean night and day. It is out of this title. Day and night divides the day. From the rising of the sun to its setting called “daylight”, and from sunset until the publication called “night”. Resources are divided is called today. Today that has been expressed greater movement. It is only in the presence of specific existence Proponent. it is not the source of the time. Results of the time as a matter addressed to the illusion that there is no reality. Due to this already established, easily understood determined is shown by the time available. Of the week, month and year indicated.

They called the day-to-day and is determined by the usual small day divided into night and day. “The time specified” is what a little extra to this day with all of the days specified. Said, “on the size of your reckoning a thousand years,” (32: 5) and “the day the measure of which fifty thousand in a matter of you” (70: 4). [What day is calculated at the time of the Antichrist] The Messenger, “On the day of the Antichrist, one day like a year, one day like a month, and a day like a week, and all day-to-day is like the day you.” This may be caused by terror. He apparently removes ambiguities at the end of the hadith when she said, “How does one do the prayer at that day.” The Prophet replied, “A person shall be determined”. If not for that matter in the movement of the spheres still have what was there without being disturbed, it is not illegal it is determined by the shape of the hour that the knowledgeable about this act and through them to know the time of day that is full of clouds when the sun does not rise . During the initial appearance of the Antichrist, there will be a lot of clouds and it will follow the other to the extent that the existence of day and night looks similar to the eyes. That was sat out a rare form will occur at the time is almost Resurrection. Clouds flocked would come in between us and the sky, but the movement of the heavens is as usual. So the movement will appear in a real Catch up that will be known by those who work with knowledge about the appearance and sketch the stars.

Therewith they determine night and day and hour of prayer without a doubt. If today is the one day a year as it is not compulsory for us to determine prayer. We look forward to noon by the sun. If it does not go down, we do not smebahyang noon. If the sun stopped and not down for twenty thousand years, God does not require us something else. When Provider regulation commanded us to worship according to the terms, we know that the movement of the spheres are in the area and the structure is damaged. [One time (days fard) and a substance] We have stated what time and what is the purpose of existence and relationship relationship conditions . There are a lot of days, both his large and small. The smallest of them is a time-based to appear “every day He is in the business” (55:29). A time (days fard) called one day because “things” being said about it is the smallest and most fine. There is no border for the big day at which it was stopped.

Among them is the middle, the first is known as a normal day is divided into hours. Hours divided into minutes and minutes to seconds and then divided up into infinity for some people. They divide the minutes to seconds. When decision-nombotr enter their numbers, the result is the number and the number did not end the division also endless. Some people talk about ending the so and see the relationship of numbers. They say time is the source of existence. All that goes into existence until the suffix is no doubt. Contrary to them saying “numbered” as it is numbered, do not enter into existence then it is not going to be described as a suffix because the number is not portrayed as an end. Those who deny “that a substance (a substance)” take this as an argument . Divided body constantly in mind. It only matters in dispute by those who speculate about the judgment and research in what is proved by the expression. It is in relation to the hadiths that time (Dahr) is one of the names of God. Condition that is easily understood already known and we will specify, Insha ‘allah, in this book. “God says the truth and guides to the right path” KNOWLEDGE – REMOVAL AND RANK increase and decrease because of knowledge and the word of God, “Say: ‘O Lord, increase ilmuku!” and saying of the Prophet, “God does not remove knowledge by snatching from chest scholar, but he lost it by disabling the clergy. ” Tajalli exists the sphere of self-Haq in a statement to a dearth of knowledge. If a person is not aware of this by itself is can he see his Lord through research and inquiry? If diversity of knowledge born of self-conscious closing set by those words. Nothing except the disk of the sun appears and the existence of the light falling on the nature spirits.

Which Origin only seen when there is true even if people are destroyed by the strength tamak.Tidak doubt in the fact that I opened and it was not a lie that one or conjecture. [Knowledge: status and rank] know that every living thing and every person specified by the senses, is in every breath of new knowledge by the understanding. However, it could be an individual who is not a witness of the full knowledge of it. In fact, the knowledge, the knowledge can be expressed as a decrease in relation to people who are knowledgeable. It results from the fact that there should have meaning if the barrier between them and disturbing things she saw, like those who are blind or deaf or something. therefore knowledge up and down according to what is known. That’s why when himma relating to knowledge of human character through which stated, himself (nafs) dipersucikan and enhanced status. The highest level of knowledge is the knowledge of God. Highest road to knowledge about God is knowledge about tajalliyat. Underneath is knowledge about the research makes sense (nadhar). No divine knowledge under investigation. It is the belief or opinion of the common man, not a science. Sciences this is what God commanded His Messenger to add. God said, “and do not rush with the opening of the Quran before you finish and say, ‘O Lord, increase me knowledge'” (20: 114), ie add me to Thy word you want me to know. Here the increase of knowledge is knowledge about the disclosure slowly outside manners with teachers who bring it to him from his Lord. For this reason, He put this verse after His words, “and the face of humility to the Living, the Self Standing,” (20: 111) , namely humility. He meant the knowledge about tajalli. Tajalli is the most honorable way to acquire knowledge – it is knowledge that is felt immediately. [Knowledge: increases and decreases] We will state the increase and decrease of knowledge in other titles, Allah willing. He gave everything – and the self (nafs) human one – the outer and the inner. Man literally see with your eyes, and with the inner knowledge. He is the Outward and the Inward. His meaning is derived. Power is not something other than God to witness something in itself. He saw with what God put him and tajalli God.

Anyone who obtains tajalli of any nature, both supernatural and invisible, is from the name, the Evident. For the name, the Inward, part of this is the fact there has never been tajalli it, not in this world or universe then because tajalli shows reality of God to a person receiving the statement. The name belongs to Zahir. relationship easier to understand the mind does not change, even though they do not have the resources through which they exit. However, they have a logical existence, so they are easily understood. When God gave tajalli, either as a gift or simply as an answer to the application, tajali was awarded to the apparent self, and sense of place in the form of the senses, and it takes place in the space between the (barrier) and to create the impression. , those who accept it will have increased knowledge if he is a scholar of the Shari’a, the criteria for the purpose of increasing knowledge if he is a member of the dialect, and increased knowledge of the size of the speech if he is a linguists. It makes expert knowledge of every creature and not a creature. Increased knowledge in the field which he endeavors. they are on this path know that this increase comes from the Divine tajalli to these groups, so they can not deny what has been revealed to them. Catching senses enlightened people who are not members increased and it pledged to thinking. Experience of the other two, but this increase did not know who they become in the matter what. In a “picture is just like the donkey carrying a thick book.

How was the picture of those who deny the Signs of Allah!” (62: 5). verses are increasing and resources accretion. Miracle expressed for those who ascribe to their thinking! They do not know that their thoughts, reflections and study in any persolan is an increase in self-knowledge that comes from tajalli them is that we have stated. Thinker preoccupied with the relationship of mind and the end of the search. He terhijab of knowledge about real things. Knowledge increases, but he does not realize it. tajalli When it happens, the name of the Evident to the inner person. Meaning occurs on the internal reality of the nature and purpose of releasing a physical thing. This is shown as “records” because the records do not have a divine confusion or likelihood of certain aspects. It only happens in purpose. So people who are mean independent of the weight of thinking, and in tajalli he becomes the divine intelligence, knowledge about the secrets and knowledge of the inner, and what relates to the Next World. This is emphasized by those on our street – it is the way of knowledge. [Knowledge: reduction] Knowledge can be reduced because of two reasons, either through a bad character in the basic organism or incidental imperfection in relation to such talent. Vices in basic organisms can not be changed, as al-Khidr said about a child, “character is default” (18:80). This is the basis of the organism. For imperfection side, it can be lost – if it is in talent – the medicine. If they are in themselves, as when love and lust leadership divert him from adding knowledge that contains status and happiness, this can be removed when in fact call from her and she returned to the contemplation of truth, and he knows that this world is one a platform for travelers and bridges that need to be crossed, and if people do not decorate himself with the knowledge, behavior and character traits Environmental Malakut here in the form of purification and liberation from desires that hinder him from contemplation of the truth, there is no way for him to obtain lasting happiness.

So he started with. Imperfection is also the reason for the increase of knowledge. I do not mean when knowledge is reduced it is simply human error – except the knowledge of God. The fact shows that there is no reduction at all and people constantly on the increased knowledge and relationships that gave him his senses, mood fluctuations and flow of thought in itself. Knowledge increases, but there is no benefit in it. Opinion, doubt, speculation, ignorance, carelessness and forgetfulness: these and similar items are not accompanied by the knowledge that what you are inside the relationship opinion, doubt, speculation, negligence or forgetfulness. [Knowledge tajalli: increase and reduction] For increase and decrease tajalli knowledge, whether it’s human to be in one environment: how they appear Anbia bring out a beam, or by the principles of the pious heir prophethood. This is as it is said to Abu Yazid al-Bistami when separate representation applied to him, “Go to my being with my nature. Whoever sees you see me!” There is no what can he do except obey the command of his Lord. He took a step toward her and she fainted. heard screaming, “Return to Me Love Me He could not resist parting with me!” He was late to the al-Haq, such as Abu ‘Iqal al-Maghribi, then the souls entrusted to him, and anyone who helped him when he ordered him back out to the station absorption (istihlak) in Him.

He returned to God and humble clothes, poverty, and humiliation is applied to it. Life is happy and he saw the Lord and grow in intimacy and relaxation obtained from “trust is at stake” (33:72) to be lifted out. [Rising (Miraj) man on ladder Enlightenment] Since the beginning of time when someone is starting the ladder of ascent, he has tajalli divinity according as he climbed the stairs. Each of the members of God has a special ladder for him that no one else to climb. If someone can climb the ladder of others, then the prophetic available. In essence, every step gives special status to those who climb it. event otherwise, scholars can climb stairs and get prophetic Anbia to do so. The situation is not so. ‘Divine Potential “will be lost if it was repeated. In our view, it is confirmed that there is no repetition of that presence. Nevertheless, all measures for the purpose – Anbia, the pious, who believe, and the messenger – all the same. A ladder has no rungs of the ladder over the other. The first step is to Islam. It is surrender. The final step is the removal (transient) in the hike and went on his way out of it. What remains is between the two of them. It is faith, compassion, knowledge, true union (taqdis), the ‘no-contact’ (tanzih), wealth, poverty, humiliation, dominance, change (talwin), setting changes, the elimination of (transient) if you get out and walk directly if you enter. Each step in which you tinggalkkannya reduce tajalli knowledge in equanimity with what you grew on your outward until you reach the final step. If you go out and reach the last step, He had revealed to him the substance in accordance with the outer you, and you say Him in His creation. During your mind there is nothing left and mysticism tajalliyat leave you whole. When you are called to go, this call is the first step that will be revealed to you through your inner tajalli in accordance with what is in decline for tajalli outward until you reach the final step. , and he stated to the inner you with His Essence and not tajalli no apparent way to stay in you. The reason for that is the slave and the Lord continued with, each one with a perfect existence for himself: a slave among slaves, and God remains God, despite the increase and the decrease. This is the reason for the increase and decrease of knowledge in pure tajalliyat. The reason for that is the rule. This is all that God has created and brought into existence in the source is composite (in many parts of the state, but a union) – it is pure. What we refer to as the simple elements (basa’it) is quite easy to understand that there is no existence of the source. every thing that exists, besides Allah, are composite. We know this through the sacred power that is there is no doubt in it. It requires a suitable dependence on Him, because it is a must for him. If you understand, we have to explain the way you start the climb for yourself. So travel through! And went! You will see that and see what we have to explain to you. We have been detailing the steps we climb for you to keep you in good advice when the Prophet commanded us to do (in the hadith).

If we tell the fruit and the results will explain the details to you without you, we’ll make you something teringinkan you do not know a great way to claim it. By the One who myself in his hands, it is Ascension. “God says the truth and guides to the right path” OF INSURER Throne With God, bear the Throne of ar-Rahman, and they bear – this statement is easy to understand. Is the power of the available on the creature and the strength if not because of that reason and Revelation bring? bodies and spirits and food as well as the position of the division no longer regulated. Throne That is, if you know his glory! who sat on it with the name ar-Rahman is expected. They berlapan, and God knows them. Now there are four, and no offense to them, Muhammad, then Ridwan and Malik, Adam and Khalil (Ibrahim) and then Gabriel, followed by Michael, and Israfil. Only eight here – given the strength of “La ilah illa from God”. [Throne (throne) in Arabic] May God help His saints! Know in Arabic throne meant something to show the existence of government. Said, “The throne of the king was destroyed,” when the unrest in the kingdom. Throne (the throne) also connotes chair. When the seat is intended as an indicator of a government, the carrier is penanggungnya. When the seat is a chair, her legs penanggungnya is a bear, or anyone else who took on their bearings. specified number of insurers Throne throne. Messenger says there are four in the world, and eight on the Day of Resurrection. Prophet recited, “On that day eight shall carry the Throne of your Lord” (69:17) and then he said, “Now they are four,” meaning in this world. Allah says, “On that day they will be eight”, means the Day of Resurrection. [Throne contained in the body, the soul, nourishment and degrees] We moved from Masarra Ibn al-Jabali, one of the leading in the field of spirituality, say, and disclose, “Throne of carrying it is the government.

It is contained in the body, the soul, and the degree of enrichment.” Adam and Israfil from the form; Gabriel and Muhammad from the soul; Michael and Abraham from the supply; and Malik and Ridwan of Promise and Threat. In government there is only what is stated. Fertilization, namely supply, is accessible by the senses and the spiritual. What will we mentioned in the title is one way, which means the government, through the benefits of touch. “Penanggungnya” regulate the conduct of their affairs. A manager in the form or shape of the light elements; a manager in the form of spirits; one of the elements belonging to the manager; a manager is a spirit and a managed and controlled by the shape of the light. Nourishment is owned design elements and fertilization of knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. There are degrees of happiness that can be experienced by the senses to enter heaven and no degree of harm that can be experienced by the senses into Hell and earned a degree in spiritual knowledge. Title based on four issues. The first question is the form; two souls; The third is the proliferation; and fourth degree, which is the end. Each question has two parts, so everything becomes eight. They are insurers Throne, when the eight is present, the government has been established and emerging, and King sat on it. [luminous body and Angel] The first question affecting the form and it has two parts: the body shape beranasir containing the body of imaginative , and the other is the physical body that glows. We start with a luminous body. The first bodies which God created the angelic spirit is the body moves with the majesty of God’s love. It includes the First Intellect and the Universal Self (Universal) and the luminous body, created from light greatness ends there.

None of these angels are created through other means except through the Self (an-Nafs) is under mind. Each angel created after the angels are under the domination of nature. They are descendants of the spheres from which they were created and in which they inhabit. It’s the same with the angelic elements. Angel last rank was created from the practices and rituals of breath.