Dying While Living

Kabir, the human body is a mighty ocean,
Its depth is difficult to fathom.
Only one who dies while living-
Who dives within can find its pearls.
I am a diver in this ocean:
In a single dive I bring to the surface
Such pearls of knowledge as are unknown to the world.

Like the marjivas who dive the deep seas
I plunged into the inner ocean
And brought to the surface
Radiant rubies of eternal knowledge.

The Master is a vast deep ocean of light-
He illumines the depth and lights the way to salvation.
But Only only one who dies by living
And wear the diver’s suit of forgiveness
Can dive and rise to the surface
With the wealth of wisdom.

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If you are ardently long to live in this world
You cannot find God, the diamond.
Sever your attachments, O friend,
Die while living and fetch the diamond
From your Master

The Lord will himself run after you
Calling, “Kabir, Kabir, I whom you seek am here!”
But this will happen only when the mind becomes a corpse
And the body merely a skeleton

The mind, most certainly is not easily mastered.
Once I thought that my mind had died
But then like a ghost it returned to haunt me.
That is my darling child- my mind!

The whole World is dying slowly before our eyes
But few of us die at the right and proper time.
Kabir died such a death-died while living
Now he will never have to die again

Death is indeed far better than life
When the right way of dying is known
Die while your are alive,
Live beyond old age and death
Attain eternal youth and immortality

Death I can see strikes terror in all,
But for me death bring immeasurably joy.
I am impatient to die
That I may experience eternal bliss
Jis marne se jag dare, mere man mein anand
Kab maru kab paon, puran parmanad

BODHICHITTA – An Awakening Mind

The ultimate goal in Buddhism is to escape the wheel of birth and death and attain enlightenment, which in Buddhism is explained as seeing things as they are.

In Mahayana Buddhism this intention is paired with the altruistic motivation to enable all sentient beings to become enlightened as well. This two fold intention is called Bodhichitta or an awakening mind.

Right motivation is motivation which is not linked to any impermanent  material or personal goal. If our motivation to walk the spiritual path is connected to a goal involving our limited selves, then that motivation will not last, since we are ourselves will not last.. Therefore it is necessary to connect with the eternal ultimate.

awakened mind- buddha

In Words of My Perfect Teacher Patrul Rinpoche explains:

Here again “entering the Dharma” simply doesnot mean asking for some teaching and being given it. The starting point of the path of liberation is the conviction that the whole of Samsara is meaningless and the genuine determination to be free from it.

Buddha Response on Ananda’s Question on Refuge

When the Buddha felt a bit bitter, Ananda, his close attendant and companion, approached him and said: On account of the illness of the exalted one, my body become weak, I could not see in any direction nor could I take interest in the Dhamma.

At this the Buddha replied:

“What, Ananda, does the order of monk expected of me? The Dhamma has been taught by me, Ananda, without making any distinction between exoteric and esoteric. The Tathagata doesnot have the closed fist of a teacher who holds back something relating to the Dhamma. Surely, Ananda, if there were anyone who were to harbour the thought that he should lead the order or that the order were dependent on him, he would indeed give guidance on anything concerning order. But the Tathagat think that he is not that one..I am now, Ananda, old, full of years; I have lived my span and I have to close my days. I am turning eighty year of age.

And just as a worn out cart, Ananda can be kept going only with help of thongs, so the body of the Tathagata can be kept going only by bandaging it up…Therefore, Ananda live with the lamp kindled unto yoursel, take refuge unto yourself and seek no other refugee.

Hold fast to the Dhamma as a lamp, the Dhamma as a refugee and no other refugee”

gautam buddha on refugee