Jalaluddin Rumi- A Great Sufi Mystic

Jalaluddin Rumi is a Well known Sufi mystics and he gave a completely new vision to the Sufi mysticism. Jalaluddin Rumi was known very respectfully in India as Maulana Rum. He was of Persian origin from Balkh.

Jalaluddin Rumi moved to Konya, Turkey where he became a religious teacher. There he met Shams-e Tabriz and become his disciple. He then rose to become a powerful spiritual influence not only in the Persian speaking world, including Afghanistan and Central Asia, but also in India and Turkey.

Jalaluddin Rumi wrote the Masnavi & Diwaan-e Shams Tabrizi both of which have contributed to his contemporary status as one of the most well-known Sufi mystics, popular both in West & East.

Jalaluddin Rumi- A Great Sufi Mystic


Many Talk smoothly of the natural path
But only to few it is revealed.
Know that alone to be the natural path
That easily takes you straight to the Lord

natural path

Many Talk smoothly of the natural path
But only to few it is revealed.
Know that alone to be the natural path
That gives you conquest over all the passions.

The natural path, the easy way,
Succeeds in all that is needed.
It brought my mind and senses under strict control.
It merged me into the infinite One the one without Karma

And I was freed thereby from the hangman’s rope
Even in Worldly life, what you obtain
Unforced and with ease is like milk.
What begging brings you is like tasteless water,

And what you win through feuds & quarrels
Always reeks of blood, declares Kabir.
What you yourself plan is rarely accomplished.
Things unplanned – yet planned by the great planner
These are accomplished without fail
O Master, put an end to all my anxieties
And let my fate take its predestined course.

Karmic Law Mahabharata & Krishna

Saints tell us that we have been wandering for untold ages. We have been born in Vegetable kingdom, in the animal kingdom, as a bird of the air and fish of the water.
We have been born as human being as well, and have then gone to lower species in the hierarchy of creation. We have stored in our mind all the past experiences-every thought that have passed through our mind, every act we have performed and yet we know nothing of consequences of our thoughts and action that is Karmic Law.

In the great epic Mahabharata, a story is told about Dhrisrashtra, who was blind from his birth. Once he asked Lord Lrishna what greay sin he has committed that he should have been born blind.
Krishna asked him to sit in meditation and to look into his past lives. Dhrishrashtra told him that he has seen a hundred of his past lives and had found nothing that could make him deserve such punishment. Krishna then ask him to look back still further and he did so and found that the punishment had its origin in his 104th previous life.
As a child at that time while playing with a insect, he thrust a thorn in the eyes of the insect and blinded it. Dhrishrashtra had to pay for this by being born blind 104 lives later. That is the working of the law of karma.

Kabir and all other saints reveal that as a result of our past actions, our fate or pralabdh karma is decided and fixed even before the body is made.

Omar Khayyam advises:

The moving finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves On: nor all thy piety nor wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line
Nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

Karma the law of life